Testosterone supplements for men – a women review

Testosterone supplements for men – a women review

I’ve always believed that supplementation is ridiculous. I won’t even take some extra calcium. Now imagine how I’ve felt when I heard about testosterone supplements. It’s not even natural. I mean, yes, some have natural ingredients and all, but seriously, why in God’s name would anyone need to augment testosterone levels, when your body produces it anyway?

Well, I am a married woman, and as everyone else, I like it when my husband is there. I don’t mean just physically, I mean entirely. I would like him to help around the house, to go for long walks on the beach with me and… to have fun with me in the bedroom. What do any of this have to do with testosterone supplements? Wait for it!

We had children at a very young age, so when we reached 40, our children were already grown up, and almost independent. So, we had a lot of free time on our hands, free time I would have liked to enjoy with my husband. Sadly, he was always tired and a very lousy time manager, so we rarely had fun together and sex was… scarce.

He knows my opinion on supplements, and I knew that he’d never do anything to hurt me. At some point his attitude changed, we started to go out more, we even took a road trip and a vacation in the mountains, and sex became extraordinary. At some point, I thought that he changed because he cheated on me, so I confronted him and he admitted to the crime…he has been using testosterone supplements (steigern).

Was I upset? Just a bit, I don’t like liars. But, you’ll never guess what I do every night.

I remind him to take his testosterone supplement, because I really like our life right now, and I wouldn’t want to change a thing. 

Life before and after testosterone supplements

Life before and after testosterone supplements


I’m Mike and I’d like to tell you how my life has changed after taking testosterone supplements.

I am a normal, average person, who enjoys life just as much as everyone does. Sadly, most people don’t truly enjoy life, and since I am not special in anyway, I didn’t either. You don’t realize when your life goes downwards, there is no specific moment when it happens. At some point, you just find yourself at the bottom. On the other hand, you do know when everything changes for the best, and for me that moment was about three weeks after I started taking testosterone supplements.

My issues were not that obvious, I was a bit lethargic, I was in a bad mood all the time, and I blamed it on my work. I was losing some hair, but I guessed we all do at some point, and oh we… I wasn’t able to keep the misses as happy as I used to. I would have never thought about testosterone supplements, and now I know that if I would have done it sooner, I would have resolved my problems much earlier.

The first time I saw a testosteron supplement, I was suspicious. I am not easy to impress, and I don’t believe in quick fixes and other myths like that.

My doctor recommended me to try testosterone supplementation, and since I know him for forever, and I trust him, I tried it. At first, there were no changes, other than the fact that I had to swallow a pill from time to time. But 3 weeks later, I realized that I am more efficient at work, I actually enjoy walking the dog and that my wife keeps inviting me into the bedroom.

I guess, you could say that testosterone supplements changed my life, but in fact, they just brought it back.

Testosterone, depression, and testosterone supplements

Depression is a silent killer, and even if it appears to be a women prerogative, it affects men just as much. The link between depression and testosterone is strong, and the funny part is that many don’t even know that it exist. Most doctors would happily offer antidepressants in staid of a testosterone supplement. You’d think that this would be an intentional act, but no, they simply haven’t studied enough about how the endocrine system affects mood.

Some men suffer from testosterone insufficiency, and this affects many aspects of their life. They don’t have energy for daily activities or for exercise, when they do try to work out, this doesn’t help them build the muscle mass they hope for. Their sexual performance is below average and their mood is definitely down. 

All of these are good reasons to use a testosterone supplement, but depression is an even better one. Scientist don’t yet full understand how low testosterone levels influences depression, but they do know that when everything is going bad in your life, you are more inclined to become depressed.

In order to treat depression with testosterone supplements, you’ll need to consult a doctor. It will be a challenge to find a good physician, but I have found a way.

So, if you have experienced the symptoms above, try to obtain a recommendation to see an endocrinologist. These specialist are more aware of how hormones fluctuate, and how testosterone deprivation can influence depression.

Never be afraid to speak about your feelings, there are people who can help you cope with depression, and there are testosterone supplements that can even remove the cause of your bad mood.

However, before the testosterone supplements get a chance to kick in, you’ll need to be open and ask for help. We all have problems, and it is better to discuss them than to ignore them.

Will a testosterone supplement help a woman be more interested in sex?

There are many reasons for which women show less interest in sex. These reasons could be related to many factors both physical and emotional. Many times, women blame it on mood or the way to common headache, but sometimes is more than that, and that something more could be a hormonal imbalance that they may not be aware of, such as a low testosterone level.

If you are in a long-term relationship, and you’ve noticed that your special someone has a decreased sexual appetite which doesn’t go away, or it is becoming worse over time, you may want to know what to do to help her in that matter. Testosterone supplements could be the solution, but let’s see why is that.


Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a medical condition that causes a person to have no desire whatsoever to go through sexual intercourse. Those suffering from it do not engage or respond to sexual advances, and at some point admit that they would want to, but they do not get excited, no matter how hard they try. In women, this disorder is treated with testosterone supplements, and it’s a proven fact that it makes their life better.

Problems appear when women are not open to investigate this problem, but with great care and dedication, you could help your partner understand that testosterone supplementation could be a solution for a better, more accomplished relationship.

It should all begin with a visit to the doctor’s office, and a blood test for hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. This panel will help the physician understand what the situation is.

Also, it is important to discuss with a specialist, the problems that you’ve been having and how testosterone supplements could change all that.